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    Does anyone know if this is going to happen and if so, how long should we expect to wait. There is just way to much WM streaming available out there for this not to be a reality with Pocket Tunes.

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    Wondering the same thing. Also wondering how much the price for new licenses will go up after Normsoft pays the licensing fee for the WM codec. Further wondering if this will come before or after I possibly leave Treo-world for a non-Palm-super-device-with-everything-I-need-built-in.
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    Don't get too excited about the non-palm world. I left it for the treo. I got tired of rebooting my pocketPC phone several times a day, blue tooth not working right, and sluggish performance. Not to mention, just poor quality voice calls...

    I'm happy to be in Treo world....
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    I feel ya. I'm thinking though that at least software can be post-engineered/hacked to get it working right. If we get some more advanced (re: "current") hardware we'll have something to work with as a base.

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