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    Hi everyone,

    I downloaded the Opera browser in hopes to speed up my Internet browsing experience. It's WAY slower than IE. Now, I'm probably wrong, but I thought the 700 request that was then processed on an Opera server. I thought maybe the Opera servers did a lookup to see if your request was sitting in cache, then spit it back to your 700...thus providing quicker Internet browsing.

    Is there something I must configure on my 700, or is Opera really this slow?

    Thanks all,

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    Don't know much about WM5 but if anything is to be gleaned from Windows desktop I'd wonder if any part of IE is till running when you load opera. When MS tied IE into the OS, part of it would pre load at boot and was always eating up resources. Third party developers devloped IE rip out programs like IE Eradicator that resulted in performance increases of as much as 15% with IE ripped out.

    Again, not sure if WM5 is constructed same way. Only way to tell would be to remove IE and a web search brought up zip in that regard.
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    There is a difference between Opera 8.5 for Windows Mobile 5, and Opera mini. Opera mini does use the proxy and simplifies web pages, greatly speeding the browsing, but reducing utility. Full opera is a more full featured browser, especially regarding to Javascript support, and may therefore be slower for more complex pages than IE.

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