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    I found all firmware after 1.13 has battery scale different than 1.13. In FW1.13, the maximum voltage is 4120 mV=100%. When unplug from charger, voltage drop to 4118 and 99%. Percentage drop to 98% when voltage drop to around 4110 mV and so on. But on FW1.20, percentage show 98% when voltage drop to around 4160 mV. And show 96% when Voltage is 4110. I track this with batterygraph. I am not sure this is normal or not.
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    Sorry. Maximum is 4200 mV. On FW1.20, 4160 mV=98%. But on FW1.13 , 98%=4110mV.
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    You should try doing a battery recalibration reset. Charge the Treo fully and let it soak for a while on the charger. Then press the reset button while still connected. If this alters the behavior, then I would assume it picked up a funny value during the resets it does when flash updating. A good clean reset is something I always do at the end.

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