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    I emailed Palm tech support about the Mac update a few weeks ago now, and they "assured" me that the update for Mac users would be available "soon".

    Two weeks later and still no dice! I'm definitely going to be looking at the competition at the end of the year when I'm up for a new phone.
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    I used a PC to install the Palm update and then installed the custom ROM over it.
    It just really sucks that I had to use the PC :/

    glenada, glad to hear you're getting your iMac repaired
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    My latest email/response to and from Palm regarding the lack of a Mac updater:

    --- Original Message ---

    >It is now 3/2, and still no Macintosh updater. The
    >Windows updater was uploaded on 1/16. I have to
    >conclude that Palm is no longer interested in
    >supporting the Macintosh platform.

    Dear Louis:

    Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is Mariano and I will be supporting you on this email.

    Hello Louis, I would like to ask for your understanding on this matter. As to when the Mac installer for the Treo™ 650 updater will be available, we are in the dark as you about this. There still has been no word from our developers as to when it will be available.

    We hope this issue has been resolved to your satisfaction...yada yada yada


    Palm Technical Support
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    Yeah, ignoring us Mac users is going to have me looking at alternative OS phones as well. I went so far as to buy a used Audiovox SMT5600 (Windows Mobile 2003) and I've been fooling around with it. Not even close to my Treo's capabilities, but not a bad little phone in it's own right. I'm keeping it as a spare just in case.
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