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    Alright well heres the issue..i bought a used Treo 650 for cingular on ebay...I am a cingular blue customer (previously ATT)..and my sim card does not work on this treo..

    i figured that i would need to unlock the i tried to unlock it..however, i never knew that phones could become "hard locked" meaning that too many incorrect unlock codes have been used and now it is 'impossible' to unlock this phone..

    i used one of those programs which detects the unlock code via using the internet or something like that..i entered the code correctly into the phone and it said that it couldnt be unlocked.. phone has become 'hard locked' and people say that there is no way for the phone to be unlocked anymore..

    my question is that is there ANY way this can be fixed or reset or something so i could unlock it?

    please help..any reply would be great..thanks
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    are you sure you are entering the code correctly? are you pressing the screen or the green button? It makes a difference.

    if the code really does not work, just go get a Cingular SIM.
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    You could try a zero-out reset but I don't know if that will help or not. Search here or on Palm's web site for the exact procedure. It is pretty tricky to do.
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    Your only option is to get it unlocked, but I don't have any experience in that area. I ended up switching my plan ober from att to cingular, and my new plan sucks compared to my old one...
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    wait it possible to buy a cingular sim chip? is a zero-out reset the same thing as a hard reset? and also..i pressed the green button
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    nevermind i called cingular and they told me if i buy a cingular chip then i have to upgrade my plan or w/e
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    Quote Originally Posted by vipa1887
    Alright well heres the issue..i bought a used Treo 650 for cingular on ebay...I am a cingular blue customer (previously ATT)..and my sim card does not work on this treo.
    Cingular had told me in the past that they will unlock a phone if ypur account is in good standing for > 3 months.

    So if you ahve been a Ciungular Blue customer for any length of time, I'd give a shot at kepping Blue and asking them to unlock.
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    yeah ive been a cingular customer for about 18 months now..however..the problem is that even if they were to give me an unlock code (even if its correct) wont work..cuz my fone reached its limit on how many times you can put in unlock codes..

    im hoping mr. shadowmite might have a solution
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    I have never heard of a hard locked treo. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have entered the unlock code constantly trying to get it, and not had problems later with the real code.

    I'd say it's maybe sim locked? Go into your local cingular store and explain. They should be able to figure it out.
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    i used one of those ebay unlockers..its supposedly really didnt work..however..its too late, ive already sold it on ebay and ordered another UNLOCKED one..that one will work for sure right? i have an ATT sim btw
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    lol whats that supposed to mean?

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