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    I have a question to any on out their. I have yahoo cahat on my computer. And would like to use the yahoo on my treo 650. but I whant to use just in text mode is their a way to do that. insted of using over the internet coection. I just what to use the text.
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    Do you want to use Yahoo! Messenger or Yahoo! chat ? Do you have a text bundle with your carrier ?
    In order to use messenger via text IIRC you need to register your mobile device first.
    Hope this helps.
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    yes I do. the thing is I have friends that live in over seas. and I like to text them they have yahoo chat and so do I. but every time I just text them it cost $0.15 to text them. so t-mobile said if i have yahoo. i can text them thru that but no sure how that work. do it work over a text line or you have to connect to the internet. i just whant it over the a text line.
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    I don't know if this helps, but you can use yahoo's mobile interface to messenger via your web browser. its not like the pc client, e.g., you have to 'check for messages', but they will be able to get your text messages. Just go to and log in to messenger.
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    It is possible to do it. I can sign on using Yahoo and my friends who are using Yahoo messenger can actually communicate with me without having to sign on using data. It is a little too much data to type in but follow this link and it will give you a step by step process to use your Treo to get online on Yahoo messenger.

    There will be an option of how you want to sign on - whether by connecting through wap or by text messaging. I had a limited amount of data per month but a whole lot of text message so I'm using the most out of that and saving the data for net browsing and email.
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