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    Since updating to 1.20 I've been getting A LOT of crashes. Things that never crashed before, like KBLights. The one I've been getting the most is
    "A reset was caused by Applications..../Src/LauncherMain.c,Line:1020, queue full err!

    I have never seen this before and now it happens all the time. Anyone have a clue?

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    Having the same problem on my unlock GSM after upgrading to 1.20. Running all the same software as before so assume it can only be due to new firmware. Will also appreciate if there are any solutions are available.
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    Well, at least I'm not alone.
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    Just to let you know that I decided to go back to 1.13ROW. Did the change today all is fine.

    The updater that I used was from the US website. I have now downloaded the Euro version and note some small file size differences. Not sure this maybe part of the problem. I have not yet decided if I will update with this version and try again? If I do and it solves the problem, I will post outcome.
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    Where did you get the file from?
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    The US download zip is 16,209,643 bytes while the Euro version is 16,209,996 bytes??? Downloaded from,Kb=EUPalmSupport,TS=PalmEU_UK,Case=Obj(9883)
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    I just got sent a refurbished 650 to replace my 650 and it has 1.17 on it and consistently gets this error.


    Anyone know what its tied to?
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