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    gellmanb, pdadefense as i remember allowed the encryption of any app you choose so it isn't an all or nothing deal, not sure about encrypting just private files. Personally I would only use pdadefense to only encrypt my files & not use it to lock the device however it has been so long since I used it I do not know if this can be done separately from the locking side of the program. Also I would be hesitant having a second security program on board just for the encryption feature. In addition it doesn't look like it has been updated for quite awhile.

    I feel better knowing a product is updated & supported for the latest Palm OS.
    I feel even better when a product is made specifically for a particular device.

    socomon, Update: I have since tested the remote lock feature and...............
    IT WORKS and it works perfectly I might add. Although it does not send a lock confirmation message like mSafe (Maybe next Version??) they do have a feature where you can use their website to test, lock, and lock & destroy which I have not used, I just sent lock command via text message.
    Yes the unit is stable with no resets here at all, as far as overhead I do not have a program like palm system internals so I cannot give actual numbers just real life observation I have not noticed any slowdown on the device once its powered up.

    I have Not tested the remote Data Destruction option yet as I would need to enter too many registration codes back into my device. Hopefully in the near future I will get some free time to try this.
    I am very curious if the lock screen with the device owner info screen survives this test.
    Anyone feeling brave??

    I'm very happy w/Warden in fact I purchased a second license for my wifes 650 as well.
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    FYI, my T650 is unbranded and unlocked. Pda Defense (SureWave) is very stable on my device. As a matter of fact SureWave Defense has a certified client for the Treo 650. There is a limitation whereas, the app does not encrypt the sd card any longer. It is a powerful app were files can be encrypted selectively. I have 3000 + contacts and it is very fast encrypting and decrypting with the Treo. With my T1 and T2 was usable but at least 3X slower and with my Palm V would be even slower, but still bearable. I would say with the Treo it takes around 3s to decrypt my databases. And it is great to now if somebody tries to break in, "n" number of times, it will wipe the memory while still encrypted. The "bomb" can be set on "n" number of attempts and "t" time from hotsync.
    The latest version is from the middle of next year and there was no need for stability updates. Customer service helped me with a problem for setup back then. Seems that they were acquired by the Goodlink people.
    Sorry for not answering before...
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    Thanks for the update. Please post your results if you get time to test the other features. Sounds like Warden might be an option for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrazilNuts
    .... With the 312MHZ Intel Xcale processor, you will sure see a lot of difference from the IIIc. Decrypting is almost instantenous even with a very large contact base like mine with 3000+ records.....
    So it seems it's a 'prior to use decrypt all' scheme and not on-the fly. Does it then stores unencrypted data somewhere in RAM? How about a backup to SDcard, is that decrypred info too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dick99999
    So it seems it's a 'prior to use decrypt all' scheme and not on-the fly. Does it then stores unencrypted data somewhere in RAM? How about a backup to SDcard, is that decrypred info too?
    If your question is if decrypts all data in a file that is launched together with an app, the answer is yes. The other files that were not launched together with an app remain encrypted if they were selected for encryption. Thus one has to launch that particular app before it decrypts its files. In order to decrypt the contacts database, the Contacts app has to be launched. All the encrypted files from that particular app will be decrypted into RAM. When locking the device, all selected files will be encrypted again.
    If the file that are backed up to card were on an uncrypted state they will remain this way and vice versa.

    This is the reason one has to set a timer to get all databases reencrypted and the device locked if not in use.

    You can find more details at
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    mSafe Update: I found that most of my instability with mSafe seeemed to arise from the "lock when lost signal" feature was checked. Because it would occur while I was working on the Treo, like on the subway where signals go in and out, it would try to lock while I was in the middle of a big app and just cause a reset. After unchecking it, it does seem to work.

    I am now getting it to work from the SMS. I haven't tried to do the "hard reset" from SMS who knows.

    But my one question is with the locking of the SD card. I had the lock SD card feature checked and after sending the SMS, I pulled the SD card out and inserted into my computer. The files were completely visible and accessible. Am I wrong in thinking that the SD card was actually going to be "locked". Or is that what some of the other posts were referring to with the need for encryption of the card?

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    waynew73, I don't use msafe but it sounds like you are using the option to just Lock your device when the card is removed that is why you can still see your data using the card reader.

    There must be another option you need to check to Lock & Destroy card & device data via sms.

    As far as encryption. I don't store any personal data on the card only games dictionary etc all my personal data is on the device. However I do put a device backup on the card which contains personal info and for that I encrypt via BackupBuddy VFS. So for me I really have no need to worry about destroying data on the card and I have Warden set to Lock & Destroy Device Data via SMS.

    My Wish list for Warden would be the ability to encrypt device data like PDADefense does. I also wish Warden would send a confirmation message like mSafe.
    But for now I think I have a pretty secure setup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by *Gunslinger*
    My Wish list for Warden would be the ability to encrypt device data like PDADefense does. I also wish Warden would send a confirmation message like mSafe.
    But for now I think I have a pretty secure setup.
    Hello Gunslinger,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback. I really appreciate that.
    Like to provide any other suggestions or comments or feedback, use this link
    Tim K
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    BrazilNuts -- you sold me on a closer look at PDADefense / SureWave. But I'm baffled whether it's a currently supported or sold product. points to The latter offers recent versions (5.x) only when packaged with a big email/office suite I don't want. For standalone use they SEEM to offer SureWave Mobile Defense Pro 3.0 (a 2004 product), but there's nowhere on site to buy a license. It suggests contacting a VP at for a license, but email to him bounces. Does this company, or product, still exist?

    Is there any alternative for encryption? TealLock 5.x from does encryption, and you can specify which databases (Contacts, Tasks, etc) but it encrypts and decrypts all of those specified at once. Which is slow -- something like 20, 25 seconds with my settings. I'd much rather have something that decrypts only the database --- or better yet records -- in use.

    I'm amazed there isn't more viable competition in this market. Am I missing something?
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    Is there more than just data protection.
    Does anyone know of a device that can protect the theft of the device itself. An alarm or such that would alert you if the device is moved from a certain location? I had my treo stolen two weeks ago and am back to my old palm and cell phone, but have a new Treo on order. (couldn't go on without it) I want to protect this one! Someone told me there is a proximaty alarm, but I haven't been able to locate one.
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    A warning about encryption:

    I decided to use Teal Lock, since PDA Defense / Surewave doesn't appear to be a current product (can't buy it) and XForcer isn't compatible (they say they may...).

    I should have realized encryption is a dicey proposition considering how often a Treo resets. Sure enough it reset mid-encryption and the databases were irretrievably corrupted. I restored. Another time there seemed to be a subtler corruption, and DBScan couldn't fix it. I've lost a few days of Calendar and given up for now on encryption. But I sure wish there were a product that kept the unencrypted version until encryption/decryption was verified complete.....
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    Does anyone know if the new product by will sell to individuals (or is it Enterprise only)?

    Did you get a chance to test it?
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    Does anyone here have Warden installed and also have Palm internals? Can you tell us if it shows under hede?
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    Well, I decided to investigate for myself. I downloaded warden and palm internals.

    Good news. Warden does not appear to have any hede hooks and had no effect on
    treo speed - 285 tics and 3 seconds both before and after loading Warden. I tested the remote lock feature and it worked correctly. My Treo appears to still be stable. I will use for the rest of the demo period, but if nothing bad crops up I am going to buy.
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    Well . . . now for the bad news. The demo version performed well at first. I did a couple of test locks and it worked correctly. But, during the week, Warden developed some kind of an issue where the "autolock" would keep engaging even though the autolock option was not selected. It got progressively worse and eventually started locking the device each time the Treo powered off. I had to delete the app. I am waiting to see what Corsoft tech support has to say. I don't have any hacks on my phone. I have some 3rd party apps, but not that many.

    I really wish I knew why nobody seems to have a really stable security application for the Treo. Security software for the Palm OS must be extremely difficult to program for some reason. I've been wrestling with this issue since my Treo 300.
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    Regarding stability -- if you just want to lock your Treo, quite securely, and optionally encrypt some files on the SD card during each lock, I do recommend Teal Lock from I can't recommend it for encrypting native databases on the Palm, but I havent found anything that seems to do that safely. I've used Teal Lock for locking, without encryption, for years and find it rock solid.
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    I've been following this thread avidly -- I've had mSafe for a while now, but Warden looks interesting... I too like the initial screen, and if it can prove that it can wipe the card, I'm going to give it a shot.
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