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    Anyone know of a small (preferrably freeare) Palm program that keeps track of money that you owe or are owed? I don't want a huge, detailed finance program. I just want something that keeps track of the money I borrowed, etc.. I browsed a bit through PalmGear but didn't find anything. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I actually use a handyshopper database I created specifically for items borrowed and lent, but it would work equally well for $. If you enter $ amounts using +/- you could even get a net balance by clicking the $ header.
    In fact, you could easily create a database that tracks both $ and items. No need to buy any special program.

    If you don't already have HandyShopper, you NEED it

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    I use "IOUMate" too. Freeware, small, does what you want.

    Get it from

    You have to register (for free) to get a key, though.

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