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    Okay, I haven't found anything on the forum that answers this question. I was able to sync fine at first (Treo 650 unbranded gsm, Mac osx 10.3.9, fw 1.28, sw 1.13 ROW, hw A). For the past 10 days or so, I haven't been able to sync with the cable. I press the button, it says 'connecting to computer with cable' on the treo, and my computer never responds. I've used a cradle and a cable, I've tried messing with the connection on both ends, it's not connected through a usb hub, I've soft reset the treo, I've uninstalled and reinstalled palm desktop - nothing works! I can do a bluetooth sync, but it takes so damn long (about 35 min), that it's not really a reliable alternative. Please help!!
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    This question has been addressed innumerable times so there's alreday lotsa information already on the boards so you don't need to wait for answers. Hit the SEARCH button, go to advanced search and put "HotSync" in the search's the threads form the last week or two
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    what ended up being you rsolution? I'm having the same problem as the one you described in your post.


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