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    So, I like my treo 650 but I dislike the process of trying to find the best headset for it. Here are my needs:

    1. Wired is fine - I purchased the Motorola HS850 and the fit was bad, plus the noise cracked frequently.

    2. Prefer one that has an earbud - ideally with a ear wrap also.

    3. Need one that is great for dealing with wind noise.

    All of the above wants have resulted from poor experiences up to this point. To add to the frustration, the Sprint stores are no help - and many reviews sound good until they talk about how the unit works with the Treo 650!! Anyway, thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    I bought a PalmOne wired earbud from a PalmOne store. It seems to work from my car with the windows partially open. An imitation earbud from eBay didn't work as well (crackled, lower mic volume).
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    The key to cutting wind noise is:

    A) Good noise cancelling technology
    B) Move mike closer to mouth so sensitivity can be lowered.

    If ya don't mind looking like a helicpopter pilot:
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    The Cardo Scala 500, which I have, is supposed to be really good with wind noise. I personally haven't used it in the wind, so I can't comment on that, but I'm very pleased with it otherwise. Its small, fits well, and I've had no complaints from anyone I've talked to about difficulty hearing me. The battery life seems good...I had it off the charger from Sunday night until Tuesday afternoon due to a power outage and was able to use it with no problems.

    It comes with a flexible ear loop and an eyeglas temple bar clip (which I don't care for). No earbud, though you can order a free silicone cover that works somewhat like that, and there's another thread on hear about modifying one of the Jabra earpieces to fit.
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    I just bought the SE HBH-300 last night, and after the 8-hour initial charging, I got to use it today.

    Although this headset is rather dated, I think it is one of the better ones around, primarily because the ear piece goes into my ear channel without being intrusive, and due to its design I find I can wear it around the office without even realising it's there. Stand by time, according to many users, is rather good on this one, even with heavy usage.

    Sound coming is excellent thanks to the above-mentioned in-ear speaker design, and sound going out is also well above average. I am heard without hissing or crackling I found on other headsets. It has noise reduction capabilities, and very little pick-up of medium level ambient noise.

    It connects on the second ring of the inbound call, and connects on the first ring for outbound calls. It retains the pairing even after a soft reset of the Treo, which is important for me since I clear my phone memory all the time.

    The only con I can think of is the long boom design. It's not cute and tiny like some of the others, but the small ones I've tried like the Motorola 700 sucked big time in terms of voice pickup.

    So, on the whole, I am quite happy with this.

    My firmware is 1.71 and installer version is 1.20-LAP if it makes any difference.

    P.S. Before this, I had the newer HBH-608 and it too picked up and dialled out calls on my Treo well, but sometimes people I talk to complain about the crackling noises from that headset.

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