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    So I lost my expansion card with all my photos. Luckily, I had hotsync prior.

    I am able to locate the photos under the C:Palm backup folder. I can even see them in the Palm Desktop software (which i never use). I've tried every way to get the photos back onto either my phone's mem or the the SD mem.

    Can someone walk me very slowly process by process to do this? The most easiest way?

    Sprint Treo 755p (ex-650) user and loving it.
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    Hi ike301 !

    Do you have a card reader?
    Using Windows Explorer -- navigate to the PC directory that has the photos, select them, hit copy.
    Navigate to the SDCard in the Card Reader, highlight the DCIM directory (create it if necessary), hit paste.
    Reinsert SD card in Treo.

    These are my instructions, so I have no idea if this is an "official" method. My nagging fear is that when you do your next hotsync, the photos may duplicate in one or both locations. (On the PC and on the SD Card).

    Try this, if you get desperate enough before someone with a real answer comes along.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Another method would be to open the Palm Install Tool (Programs, Palmone, Quick Install Tool).

    Select your userid.

    Click add under the load to SD card section.

    Browse to the PC directory that has the photos, select them. They should now be listed in the Install Tool Load box for the SD card.

    HotSync. (Then go for a long walk.)

    This process will be slower than a card reader, but if you do not have a card reader, it will be faster.

    (Same concern on duplication after next HotSync.)

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