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    Im looking for a holster for my 650. Im sure to be bombarded with opinions, so bring em on!! I want the BEST away............
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    I like the Smartphone Experts P6 Pouch Case that I bought here at TreoCentral. It has a nice strong magnetic flap that keeps the phone in place, but allows quick access. One of the benefits of the design is that I can keep my hybrid headset plugged in while it's in the pouch. Great for listening to tunes with Ptunes while walking or chatting with clients.
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    I've tried at least 10 different cases and options - I always end up going back to my ProClip holster. Simple, streamlined on the body. No hassles at all. - works great.
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    I love my Seidio skin/holster combo. Works great. Everyone that sees it wants one.
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    My advice is go with one of the clip versions from pro clip or seido. The phone just snaps in and out without any extra hardware. It is secure, comfortable, easy, and fast. The only problems I've had with mine are forgetting its there and laying on it, and getting a shirt tail cliped between the phone and the case. When you pull on the shirt the phone goes flying. This last is a very big issue.
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    I love my Seido Skin/Holster combo! I dont have to baby my treo as much anymore!
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    Well, I just recently purchased the Helix holster and I have to say that I am very impressed with it so far. The belt clip doesn't poke me in the sides and the plastic is a much softer, more flexible material than what I have seen previously. I wish I had something to compare it to, but I don't. I used to have a ProClip holster for my old Treo 600 and it is MUCH softer than that unit. No get me wrong though, I have a ProClip holder for my car and it is great. They make some good products. Anyway, the screen faces in so it is protected and the area where the keyboard rests is open, so there is no chance of the keys pressing against anything. Overall a great holster.

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