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    Preview version currently, works fairly well from my initial testing...take a look.
    Discussed here as well:,28384.0.html

    My thoughts from initial testing (posted on the other site):

    - No 5 way support when selecting pictures during the setup for a contact
    - If I press the center button the 5 way to select a picture from the phone screen, the Cancel button is highlighted by default. The first number in the list for a contact (if there is more than one number) should be highlighted by default instead, so I would only need to hit the center button twice to dial the first number for the contact
    - Would be nice if you could have a default for the Voicemail favorite that could be enabled.
    - If in the phone apps general prefs I have chosen to show Calendar event (meaning one row of favorites), would be nice if the picture ribbon was smaller so the bottom 3 dial pad buttons (* 0 #) aren't cut off
    - If I start dialing a number instead of choosing someone from picture dial, the animation refreshes (if animation is turned on) when I hit the first number, or if animation is turned off it refreshes the pictures. I assume that's because of the intelligent find so I guess that makes sense.
    - Would be nice if you could automatically import all your current favorites into PictureDial, then make modifications as necessary to add pictures for users etc...or even more ideally, for current favorites who already have a picture assigned in the contacts app, no resetting of the picture ID would be required.
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  2. #2 has PhotoDial, I'm quite happy with, would like to see how this one differs/improves..
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