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    As I am readying to hardwire the G2350S GPS cradle into the dash to avoid the ciggie plug lighter thingie, and since the dealer is replacing the car radio, I wondered if there was a solution to this idea. Is there a means to run the audio output from the Treo (not cradle) to the car radio ?

    I'd like to keep the radio doing whatever it's doing but have any audible's from the Treo overide whatever is playing (CD / DVD Sound / FM radio) and have the phoen rings and / or TomTom directions mute what's playing and give there short sound bite, then return to whatever was playing . If it matters, vehicle is equipped with means to play separate audio in front / rear and includes 3 sets of cordless headphones. Driver doesn't get headphones so that allows me to listen to radio while they watch DVD or whatever.
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    This may be exactly what you don't want to do, but I use a simple cassette adapter from the Treo audio out to the in-dash tape player. Since I have BT/hands free all incoming calls mute the audio and pause the MP3 until after the call. Works perfectly. If you don't have a cassette player in-dash, perhaps your new stereo has an audio input (should work the same).
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    I'm no expert here, but I have dabbled in car audio ...

    Most standard and OEM car head units provide either diferent source inputs or a means to "trick" the unit into accepting other inputs; for example, I have a small device that plugs into my car unit's CD changer input, thereby allowing any line-level input with L/R RCA or a mini-stereo plug to play through the car system.

    The caveat here is that these are descrete inputs. In other words, I can choose to have Radio, CD, Cassette, or Aux Input. But none of them can or will play simultaneously. And so, even if you could pipe the audio from your T650 (access to the bottom sound output is blocked by the G2350S, no?) into your radio, I don't think it would be possible to "override" an existing input to allow your Treo to interrupt the radio, or CD or iPod, etc.

    That said, I do believe there are third-party hands-free units that will do this. Exactly how they interface with your stereo will vary. For example, I've seen solutions that have their own amplification and simply attach to your existing speaker wires. They are not using your radio, per se, but your speakers. And so, when your Treo produces an audible, the external unit kicks in, temorarily blocking the signal from the radio to your speakers. Once the audible dies, the path to the speakers is given back to your head unit.

    Again, this is one such solution I had seen a number of years ago at CES (don't recall the brand). There may be other off-the-shelf solutions that others can point you towards. In short, I do believe what you want to do is possible, but is not as easy as plugging your Treo into the radio.

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