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    I have been looking at different combo headest options to avoid needing an adapter for music. I am wondering if there are opinions on the Palm one vs some of the 3rd party stuff. I had been looking at these Seidio ones But did some searching and found some not so favorable reviews. Didn't really see much directy related to the Palm one.
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    Every Seidio item I have purchased has failed within 30 days.
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    That seems to be what the searches show up. I wish the palm was in ear, it would be a no brainer for me. The kind of earphones that just sit in the outer ear never stay in my ear.
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    I use a generic hybrid from CompUSA. They're the in-the-ear bud types that are non-retractible. They crackle a bit when I move too much, but work well. They ran about $13 and included 4 sets of silicon tips, plus an adapter to use the 2.5 tip with a standard 3.5 jack. Since I listen to OTR at work on my desktop, having the adapter lessens the headphones I deal with.
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    I have the Palm Hybrid, They sound just fine no satic. They are not comfortable for me but none of the in ear style are for me.
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    These should stay on ya head....and no wires.

    Of course the audio subsystem on the Treo must cost about $12 so I wouldn't expect hi fidelity

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