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    I was wondering if there is any patch/small prc anyone knows of to assign characters to selected combinations of keypresses on the keypad?

    I thought it would be great to assign 'Option + Alt' or 'Option + Zero' to bring up the shortcut symbol, since this combination of keypresses is never used for anything else.

    I've tried Shortcut5, but I'd rather have a simple key combination. Obviously I'd have to install the old Palm Shortcuts PRC aswell.

    Any ideas?
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Or even better - Is there any way to alter the order of the ALT list for any given letter? Surely S + ALT should give the Shortcut symbol first, followed by everything else? The first one in the list at the moment is a wierd 'B' type symbol that I'm sure NOBODY ever uses!
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    It's the greek letter beta used in scientific circles (and Greece :-)
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    Hugely popular and important then!

    What makes it even MORE frustrating is that 'Option + b' also has that as the ONLY ALTernative!! AAAAAARGHH!
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Try RNS:: TreoShortCuts - that's what you need, I think.
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    can't you just do shortcuts by pressing the menu button and then the key that would be used? like i routinely press "menu c" and then "menu p" to cut and paste
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    You're talking about menu shortcuts while we talk about Graffiti shortcuts.
    You may visit the site of RNS:: TreoShortCuts to learn what Graffiti shortcuts are.
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    Does installing TreoShortCuts also install the Palm Shortcuts preference panel? Since this does not come as standard on the Treo 650, people will need to track down the ShortCuts.prc and ShortCuts_enUS.prc files to give the ability to add/edit their own shortcuts.

    You can find them here

    RaNo, perhaps you could add the ability to use key combinations such as shift+. or opt+. to activate the shortcut symbol too?
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Yes, it installs a specially prepared version of the "ShortCuts" Prefs panel, which looks and works exactly as the one you know from previous devices.

    So no need of installing any additional files.

    Why shift+. or opt+. ?
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    Because I have a wierd aversion to holding down buttons! I feel a couple of clicks 'flows' better than a hold, but I could be in the minority.
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    By the way, I would have snapped up your program in a second if I hadn't invested those hours in my patch. Yours does seem like a better system than the ALT one. I feel 'obligated' to make use of my hard work though! Why oh why did you have to wait until after I'd made mine??
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    Quote Originally Posted by checkmate
    Because I have a wierd aversion to holding down buttons! I feel a couple of clicks 'flows' better than a hold, but I could be in the minority.
    Good point. I'll be adding this in the next update
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