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    hey guys,

    im new to the pda world and want my 650 (sprint) for the first time with the new software. i was reading that to perform the update i would lose my data, and was wondering what that entailed? will i need to back up my contacts? my photos and videos? and if so, how would i back up whats stored on my phone and not my multi-media card?

    any tips would be appreciated
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    ***want to update my***
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    You could buy 3rd party backup program and back up all of your Treo to the SD card. Then restore. Popular programs are

    BackupBuddy VFS
    Resco Backup
    Resco Explorer <- I use this. This does backups and more

    Alternatively, everytime you hotsync, you backup your Treo to a directory called Backup in the C:\Program Files\palmOne\<yourID>\Backup location.

    If you do a hard reset (which will erase all your data and applications and ID name on the Treo) and hotsync, you can choose to give your treo a temporary ID. Then perform the upgrade. After you are happy and sure that the upgrade has completed, hard reset again, thereby erasing the data and ID of the Treo. When you Hotsync now, it will let you select your old original ID and restore all the files previously backed up in the C:\Program Files\palmOne\<yourID>\Backup directory.

    All this is described in details in

    I quote the part from that page that tells you how to restore your data:

    "Restore Data (optional)
    Did you forget to select your old username when the wizard asked you to perform the final HotSync operation? None of your data and applications will be restored, and your smarpthone will appear to be blank.

    Here's how to change back to your old user name and restore your data and applications. If your old data and applications were restored successfully, you're done; don't follow these steps.

    16. Perform another hard reset (see above). This wipes out the temporary user name and temporary user data, but your smartphone will retain the update.
    17. Perform a HotSync operation. Important: When asked for your user name, select the old user name you were using before you changed it. The backed up personal data and applications will be restored to your smartphone during synchronization. "

    What part of the instructions don't you understand?
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    This procedure is asked for so much it oughta be stickied.
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    Or have a wiki based on contributions from the user community. I think the experts here would do a great job of writing and updating all such common peocedures and FAQ's.
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