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    Is it possible to watch video podcasts on a treo? I have podcast on a stick, which works great for audio podcasts, but what about video podcasts?

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    I have been able to watch vidcast that were encoded with xvid using TCPMP. But the ones encoded in mp4 I have not found a player yet
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    I purchased Pocket DVD Wizard and now I have 4 2 hour movie on my Treo 650, of course I have an external 2 gb SD card. About 5 CD albums and my audio books.

    I found that you can use iTunes to download the free stuff and convert to the Treo using the Pocket DVD Wizard software, but you can not do it to the pay stuff. Which I think uses Apples MP4 with copyright protection.

    But do you really want to pay for an old rerun of Lost or Desperate Housewives.

    I like getting DigitalTV the which has Patrick Norton from the Screensavers doing a new 30 minute podcast show. And yes, I can play that on my Treo.

    Movies that I have on my Treo right now are AI, Finding Nemo, Forbidden Planet (an old sci-fi classic), White Squal, oh man I have about a dozen movies converted and of course, just for personal usage (don't want to get in trouble with the big guys).

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