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    I know the advantages of Chatter on the IMAP side - but this question is strictly for us POP3 folks... What is the advantage Snapper has over Versamail at $39.95 when Versamail is free?

    Be specific -- what makes it $40 more --?

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    Snapper is stable - Versamail is far from it. For me, that alone was reason enough to purchase Snapper.
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    I have 5 different pop3 accounts. I can hit 1 button with Snapper to Fetch/send. Versamail requires switching between accounts. Snapper can be set to auto fetch and disconnect when your done. Versamail stays connected, requiring a 3rd party app to disconnect. For me Snapper was/is easier to set up and use. I can't remember, can you down/upload attachments in Versamail? You can with Snapper. I really like Snapper (can you tell)
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    Deleting emails through VersaMail requires multiple steps, and is a pain in the ****. If you don't do this correctly, your "deleted" emails will get downloaded back into your inbox again. However, deleting emails through SnapperMail is easy, as it should be.

    I was never able to make my VersaMail account automatically fetch new emails correctly, whereas SnapperMail does this right. On the other hand, SnapperMail randomly and periodically deletes all my emails without warning, but VersaMail doesn't have this problem.

    Lastly, VersaMail is the one email app you can count on using as a last resort when all else has been erased due to a hard reset!! Hard to beat the price of free also.

    I will conclude by saying that ChatterMail is now my primary email app, and I like getting email notifications instantly.

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