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    Im on my third Sprint Treo 650 and they've all had the same problem. My frickin' keys stop working. I cant leave the home screen without using the touchpad. my navigational keys arent working at all.

    after about twenty or thirty resets its back to normal but after a few calls it freaks out again. what gives? is anyone else having this problem?
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    Same problem here on the E,D,X keys, center button and left and up arrow. After fighting with it for the weekend and going thru a few resets, all keys are working now.
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    I had this problem with my treo holster which often kept the side button (not the up or down volume button, but the button under the up/down buttons) pressed. I couldn't do anything while the holster had that button pressed. A slight adjustment of the holster (so that it isn't pressing the button anymore) and things went back to normal.
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    Back to normal operation only lasted 1/2 hour. I've figured out that my problem is more than just mechaical i.e. keypad jammed or mis-alignment on the button switches. It must be related to a component or firmware glitch.
    I only have Goodlink on this + original ROM apps so slim to no likelyhood of software bugging it up.

    I bought it in August and a replacement (new not refurb) just arrived 5 minutes ago. It has the new Sprint/Nextel logo so I'm hoping this is a later build w/less quirks.

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    For my Treo 600, I did wear out the keyboard and techs at the Sprint store had to replace the keyboard board.

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