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    NOTE: Treo 650 Comfort Plus Car-Kit is only compatible with Cingular and Unlocked Treo 650. Support of Sprint and Verizon Treo 650's is not available and is not planned by Palm due to business restrictions.

    The Comfort PLUS for Treo 650 from THB is a high-quality integrated installation car kit that enables you to use the Treo 650 hands-free inside of your car. This car kit can integrate with your radio (if your radio is car-kit ready), and has an external antenna that improves transmission and reception performance.

    * Treo specific kit with integrated hands-free electronics in the cradle
    * Excellent price / performance ratio
    * Supports the charge function for the Treo 650
    * Possesses the e1-type approval required by law
    * Improved transmission and reception performance due to the external antenna
    * Radio-Mute function
    * Separate loudspeaker supplied
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    Why won't this work with VZW/Sprint phones? What is specific about this that would keep it from working? I don't understand.
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    If anyone could get this to work with a Sprint phone, they'd get my money. I had one of these for the Treo 600 and it beats the pants off every other car kit on the market.

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