Hey everyone!

I ordered my first palm treo yesterday and I large motivating factor was after a month of looking at this helpful forum so thanks to everyone!

Now I have a few Qs, I have a palm T5 (the treo is replacing it) and thus I know how to use Bluetooth to Hotsync as well as run the very nice program Salling Clicker! But now with the treo I was wondeirng about a few new functions that should be possible

1) First off I am using a powerbook, and so I obviously need Mac OS X compatable software please, I was wondering if there is a program where my laptop can act like a BT headset for my treo and answer calls, so I can talk and listen through the built in Mic and speakers on my laptop... that would just be helpful when I need to answer a call and the treo is in my bag. Also in that same program or another can I dial out numbers from my laptop and talk on the laptop while the phone call goes out through the treo?

2) What software or how do I setup being able to use my treo as a modeom and stream the internet to my computer via BT? Does this type of program come with the treo or do I need a 3rd party? How do I set it up?

3) Any other cool phone/treo BT functions or programs that I can run between my laptop and treo?

Thank you all in advance!