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    I was wondering if anyone has any experience using a Plantronics Halo 2 headset with a Treo650. I know that it is built for Xbox Live, but I also know how many people "experiment" with their Treos.

    I like the design of the headset and seems to be closest to what I am looking for in a headset: noise reduction built-in, over-the-ear design, boom-mic that IS close to my mouth, decent loudness to headset in-ear speaker, and corded.

    I was thinking about the Plantronics MX505, but it does not have noise reduction - just wind noise reduction.

    Thanks for your help,
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    Does it even have a 2.5mm connector, or is it 3.5mm?
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    I've used my Halo 2 plantronics headset with my Treo and with my cordless phone plenty of time. It works quite well. While I'm playing on xbox live, if I get a phone call on my Treo or my cordless phone I just pop it out of the controller and in to the phone and have my conversation while I finish up the game.
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