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    Can you share your experiences with this 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo adapter. I like this option to use my high-end stereo headphone (regular 3.5mm)


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    Works very well for me. Sound is loud and clear.

    I'm not sure if this cuts out the mic. on the Treo. Others could not hear me (when I held the Treo to my face and talked) with this one plugged in.

    However, with or
    I can use the phone that way .. with the incoming voice through the headphone and my voice through the Treo mic.

    The is still worth it because it avoids damage to the headphone port and has better (louder) sound than the other two.
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    I have the one that plugs into the sync port (bypasses the audio jack). it just arrived two days ago... it is AMAZING. now its a phone AND an iPod!
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