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    For business reasons, I may need to migrate to using Yahoo mail. Chatter has built in configurations to set up a POP3 connection with Yahoo but has anyone figured out a round-about, backdoor way to get the IMAP side of Chatter to work with Yahoo? Or is it just not possible?


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    sign up for aim mail at

    foward ALL yahoo mail to your AIM account (free 2gb btw)

    set it up on chatter.

    EZ does it!
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    Ok someone tell me why the delete works on versamail not on chatter went using yahoo pop mail. I have try many times and went you tell it to delete a email it does went it sync the first time. But the next time it sync it will come right back. Is there something that I did not set right ?
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    I did this...signed up for an AIM acct. Works with Chatter and Yahoo well, but the prob is Yahoo doesn't seem to have the capability to forward and pop...So all my mail will go to Chattermail, but not go into Outlook. Is there a workaround for this? Other than having the AIM acct on my outlook?
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    Yahoo can do forwarding and POP3, but you have to pay for it.

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    But why won't the delete work for me ?
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    appliancemedic - I don't know; could you send me a log that demonstrates the problem? Instructions in the FAQ at

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    I am a Yahoo plus member. But unfortunately, as far as I can tell, it can not do both.

    "As long as your mail is being forwarded, new email won't appear in your account on the Yahoo! Mail server. (Messages that came into your mailbox before you turned on email forwarding, however, do remain in your account.) This means that you can't read new Yahoo! Mail with a web-based email client at

    The POP access and forwarding features can't be used at the same time. While your mail is being forwarded to a different account, you won't be able to access new mail with a POP mail client application from the Yahoo! Mail server."
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    So far my temporary fix is having Yahoo pop to outlook, and then setting up a filter to send it forward it to my AIM account. But I think that is a huge limitiation on Yahoo's part to now allow you to forward mail and keep a copy to POP...even gmail lets you do that.
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    Yahoo sucks sometimes, I can't believe they won't leave the e-mail on the server when forwarding, that's total So I pay $20 buxs for what..nothing.......... Rant off

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