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    As there have been quite a few threads lately about ringtones, I thought I'd share some of my favorites. These are all MIDI and are nice and small. They will work with all Treo 650s without additional software. Included in the zip file:

    airwolf.mid - Theme to Airworlf TV show
    auldlang.mid - Happy New Year!
    hogan.mid - Theme to Hogan's Heroes
    merriemelodies.mid - Intro to Looney Toons cartoons
    muppetshow.mid - Theme to Muppet Show
    phantom.mid - Phantom of the Opera
    roxburry.mid - Start bopping your head!
    superman.mid - Appropriate as the new movie comes out this summer
    tales.mid - Tales from the Crypt theme
    the_islands.mid - upbeat islands ring tone

    I have edited the original full-length MIDI files down to just enough to use as a looping ring tone, so they are nice and small....very Treo friendly.

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    Thanks for xtra ringtones.
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    Hey, to change this thread just a bit...has anyone ever found a ring tone for the "ding" (as in the airline ding being advertized for Southwest in their commercials)? If so, where might I find it. Thanks.

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