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    Does anyone have suggestions for a high quality compact mpeg4 video-camcorder that stores onto an SD memory card? I would like to be able to shoot a video clip stored onto an SD card, and be able to play back the video through my Treo 650 using the TCPMP player.

    I am considering getting this particular model, which suits my needs. Does anyone have any better suggestions?

    Check out:

    Does anyone have experience with this Supacam model? I played with this at a recent MacWorld convention. I found the video quality to be very good, but noticed that the microphone picked up voices pretty low, which was my only concern. The video playback quality onto my Treo 650 using TCPMP was also very good. The SupaCam also shoots high quality stills too..all this for around $350.

    Currently, I have a Canon SD300 pocket digital camera that shoots high quality videos, but at a huge .avi format, instead of the much reduced mpeg4 format. Using mpeg4 format, you can shoot approx 2 hours of video onto a 1GB SD card. However, shooting in .avi format only allows me to shoot several minutes (approx 7 or 8 minutes). This is a huge difference.

    Thanks, Casey.
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    Not very good reviews. These are just the 1'st 2 links that came up when I googled "Supacam review."

    I think Samsung has 2 compact hard-drive cams, and JVC has 2 high-end hard-drive cams. Might be wrong though...
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