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    Does anyone know the correct Gmail configuration settings for SnapperMail Enterprise?

    Please let me know the correct settings, if this is possible. Sorry if this has been asked before.

    Thanks! -Casey
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    Snappermail Settings

    These vary slightly from Gmail's settings. I had problems getting it to work months ago using the settings from Gmail.
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    Thanks Insertion and StrangeReaction for your help.

    I ended up using the settings as described from SnapperMail's site, which works perfectly. By the way, I used "Set 1" instead of Set 2 for the SMTP Settings. Set 1 works just fine, so I ignored Set 2.
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    Back to Snapper?

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    Hi Marc,

    Actually, no. I'm using 3 different email apps, in different degrees of importance. ChatterEmail is currently my number 1 email app for receiving messages quickly. I use this for receiving emails quickly, and to reply back quickly.

    SnapperMail is my number 2 email app. I use this for one main purpose only, which is to send and receive LARGE files, such as pictures. I find SnapperMail to be flawless for sending and receiving large attachments. However, every so often, I get weird problems in trying to do the same with Chatter.

    VersaMail is my number 3 email app, mainly for receiving vCard and iCalendar attachments. VersaMail is also my last ditch when all else fails.

    Recently, I bought another Treo 650 which is the one I'm using now, and Chatter works correctly without resets with this new model. I'm giving my old Treo 650 to my wife, the same old model with all the many reset problems with Chatter. I already know from past experience not to use Chatter with my old T650 model, hence I need to use an alternate app, which is SnapperMail. She uses Gmail as her main email, hence my need to make Gmail work in conjunction with SnapperMail for her Treo 650.

    For my own Treo 650 usage, I am using ChatterEmail as my primary #1 email app. My new T650 model has no reset problems with Chatter, and works just fine.

    Cheers, Casey

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