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    As I now have a Treo 650, I want to give my "old" Treo 600 to my GF.

    The Treo 600 is still locked to Orange, and she wants to use the phone with a SIM card from another operator.

    I contacted Orange, sent them the Treo 600 IMEI, and they replied with the unlock code.

    When I insert my Orange SIM into the Treo, and type the unlock-code, I get a message saying something like congratulation: "Your phone is now unlocked".

    Great, but when I use the other SIM in the Treo, I get the message "Phone locked. Forbidden SIM".... I tried with other SIM cards from other operators, and it never works.

    If I try to type the unlock code with a SIM-card from another operator, it always fail. I only get the "success" message when I use my Orange SIM.

    I always thought that once the phone was unlocked, it should accept any other compatible SIM card.

    I double-checked the 5V vs 3V sim card, I tried the whole unlock procedure several times, I reset the Treo several times, I contacted Orange tech support, but they do not have a clue !

    They told me I might try to reflash the firmware, because it may have a problem. I'll try this but meanwhile, does anyone had a similar problem with a Treo ???

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can unlock it again, using the procedure here:,26676.0.html
    I've done it twice, no problems.
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    Thanks, that's what I did a little while after posting this topic.

    When you have too many troubles using the official procedure, use the unofficial. It's a lot better, lol !

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    I have treo 600 unlock uĝ
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