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    Is there a way to have rules files active and running on exchange that move messages to subfolders BUT have all of the same messages come into goodlink on my treo into the INBOX?

    This is possible on our bes server, and it would just be so much easier then having to navigate to all of the subs on the treo.

    Thank you
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    There is no way to do this with GL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy View Post
    There is no way to do this with GL.
    Our office just got GoodLink. I'm checking: is it still not possible to have all of the same messages going to subfolders on desktop go into INBOX on my treo. is this issue not figured out yet?
    if this is still not possilbe, then second choice: currently my emails are going into my desktop & following rules to a subfolder. They don't show up at all on my Treo's subfolders (or my inbox of course). Can subfolders receive new emails?
    Last question: does Goodlink allow for subfolders in Contacts?
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    If you move messages into folders in Outlook, either manually or via rules, they are going to go into those same folders within GMM. In order to have access to those subfolders and messages on your device, go to preferences --> email delivery. There, goto Menu -> add folder. Choose the folders that you want to have access to. Once you have done that, you will need to run the fetch command ( to populate them.

    GMM does not support folders in contacts, though it does support Public Contact Folders.

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