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    It appears that my deal went south on a black neoprene Handspring case, so I'm now looking for a case that will go well with egrips and my 650.

    I'm looking for a case that will protect my 650 and will allow the unit to be put into and taken out of the case easily with the egrips applied. Colorwise, I want something in black. I'd also like it to be able to attach to a belt or belt loop. It doesn't have to have that "business" look. I'm a college teacher and also run a consulting business whereby I deal with industrial clients. I wear jeans to business meetings, not suits.

    Thanks for you help in advance!

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    Thanks for the info!

    I'm looking into these right now.
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    I have a P6 pouch with egrips and like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn95
    I have a P6 pouch with egrips and like it.
    That's great to hear because I placed my order about an hour or so ago for the P6, egrips, a 2.5-3.5 mm adapter, and retractable S&C cable.
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    I use egrips and the Treo pouch, works well, as well.
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    I use the Covertec horizontal case. The belt clip is a metal one attached directly to the case. It fits very close to your body. I placed the Egrips just on the battery cover, and my Treo slips in and out very easily.
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    Got the P6 pouch and egrips.
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    May be too late, but I've used eGrips along with a ProClip holster, on both my 600 and my 650, for about the past 2 years. Love the holster. Awesome with eGrips. No interference at all - I can't see how any type of case that requires the unit to slide in would work with eGrips. I mean - that's the point of eGrips, to make the unit NOT slide. So - I use the full body eGrip version, and in fact, they help with getting the unit in and out of the holster - the bottom sides are made more grippy, and I can pop the 650 in and out of the holster with ease.

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