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    Does anyone know how to delete the drop down recent contacts in the to field that are automatically filled in when you send someone a text message on the Treo 650? It's really a pet peeve of mine when application developers don't allow you to delete/edit histories or recently used items.

    I mean do I really want as a quick contact someone I will only send a text to once?

    Iunno maybe I'm missing a preference to turn this off somewhere.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Never mind - found it.
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    OK, you got me curious. How does one do it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mirandabam
    OK, you got me curious. How does one do it?
    Use a file manager like FileZ or FileMan. From within the file manager, look for the file SMS QUICKLIST...and delete it. The drop down in the messaging program is now empty.
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    Can you tell me how u did this ? Ta
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    Use FileZ

    Expand your files
    Look for the SMS Quicklist
    Put a check next to it
    Hit the menu button
    Click edit
    Highlight one of the numbers
    Hit "View"

    This will show you who is in that slot from your Messages drop down list. From there you can delete all of them or just the ones you no longer want listed.

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