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    Bought the wife a 700w and a Jabra BT 350. Jabra works fine, but keeping BT active on the Treo kills its battery life. Anyone having that issue? What kind of usage times are people getting with BT enabled on both devices?
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    Absolutely a battery killer! If I leave it on from 8am I am dead by late afternoon. Now I just turn it off when not needed and can go into the evening w/o a problem. My 650 did much better in this regard!
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    So there's no way to put the Treo BT on "standby" mode or anything? I did some quick research, and it seems like it's either on or off.
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    Correct, as far as I know. However, it is easy to simply click on the Bluetooth icon to turn on/off, and my current fav headset (Jabra JX10) responds right away when I turn it back on. So...until there is a better way it is just a matter of remembering the switch status.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MobileDave
    Bought the wife a 700w and a Jabra BT 350.
    Well Valentines day is coming

    I'd suggest a GPS cradle. Pop the Treo in the cradle when entering the car and there's no power drain. If you / she doesn't like the single wire dangling down to the ciggie lightier plug, a Proclip mount and hard wired through dash works.

    Hey honey, not only did I get you a Valentine's present but:

    Valentine's Day Present = GPS Cradle
    Anniversary = TomTom Software
    Birthday = ProClip mount

    You done for the year !

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