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    Hello all,

    Been reading awhile and finally got my Treo650 in the mail today, very happy about it. However, having some problems. When I try to go to the web, it says there is a registration error, "error 67: Registration failure" what does this mean and how can I correct it? I'm pretty sure I did all the required steps during the set-up and initialization. Thanks in advance!
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    Information that would be helpfull:

    What type of Treo650? Verizon (CDMA), Sprint (CDMA), Cingular (GSM), Unbranded GSM?
    Who is your service provider? (Related to above, but not necessarily the same)
    Do normal phone calls work?
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    OK, nevermind, sorry about that. I just did a 'hard-reset' so I could retrieve my password that was different than what it was supposed to be so its all up and running. Thanks anyway!

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