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    I have BackupBuddyVFS lite (or personal or whatever it's called now) right now. It works great, and I originally thought it would be all I need, but now I'm finding I want multiple backup sets. I'm going to look at a few different programs (BackupMan, Resco, and BB VFS Pro) and am wondering if any of them will conflict with my current BB and/or each other. Does anyone know whether they can coexist, or will there be conflicts -- like maybe they all try to use the same backup directory or whatever?

    Also, if I install the trial of BB VFS Pro, will it hose my VFS Lite if I later uninstall it? Bluenomad's site just says I can't upgrade with demo version, not whether I can test-drive the demo version over a registered VFS Lite?

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    Backup programs don't run constantly in the background. They run when you start them up and remove themselves from active memory when you exit the BU program. Palm OS is single tasking (or cooperative multitasking). All Bu programs are single threaded. When you quit the program, they are gone.

    I can't see how they will step over each other, unless you try to have ovelapping scheduled backups or something like that.

    One exception is Northglide's Onguard backup. That is always running andmonitoring changes. That can conflict with other applications.
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