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    MegaDoc 1.4 has been released now, and I have to say, it is GREAT.

    Much faster, works perfect with my Stowaway and Visor Platinum, hasn't crashed after 2 hours of use, and the formatting was perfect with MS Word.

    I had a few problems with 1.3, but 1.4 has corrected them ALL.

    If you wanna check out this app, goto

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    I wonder how much this dude is being paid to advertise MegaDoc? For free no less!!
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    I dont get paid man. I just think this is a great app, and I am trying to let other people know about it.

    This is one of the few apps that I think is a must have for a PDA.

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    how do you compare it to wordsmith?
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    Try it, I bought it a couple days after the first beta was released. It's a great program.

    It allows you to create Word Docs, RTF's, .txt, and Palm doc files, with support for the external keyboards.

    I like Megadoc.

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