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    I know that a lot of people use back-up software to back-up their Treo onto an SD card. Lots of talk around here about it, especially scheduling back-ups.

    Here is my question: Why do you need to back-up your treo? Isn't it backed-up everytime you sync?

    I could throw out my Treo and go buy a new one. When I first sync it to my desktop and assign it my user ID, it will restore everything I had. What is the need for a back-up?

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    If I'm repeating what someone has already said look at how long the thread is and ask yourself if you really expect me to read the whole thing.
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    1. When it crashes out you aren't near your PC you can't beat a backup program. 2. If you don't hotsync very often your data is still there. 3. PC crahes, Treo crashes everything is lost (happened to a friend).
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    4. You can have backup sets archived for various times in the past (like just before you installed some fancy buggy program). Then you can use the archived backup to restore your Treo to that previous state.
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    Because as simple as the Palm OS's so simple that it sometimes doesn't backup everything. And programs stored on the SD card are not backed up as part of a hotsync - ever.

    Also, when you purchase new software and you are out and about - Murphy's Law will take over and cause that "needed" hard reset when you don't want it - while away from your PC.

    I use Resco Backup and do a lot of "beta" testing - it's the first thing I do is backup just before installing any new version of any software. Learned this lesson a long time ago.
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