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    I bricked mine. I used Shadowmite's bootloader to fix it (It took two hours because only one of the three different versions of the tool worked for me, and it wasn't the latest one, and because one segment of the instructions was, I thought, ambiguous) and then I bricked it again. It's working fine once more but I expect I may brick it yet again. If so, I shall stop messing with custom ROMs.

    PS My first two experimental custom ROM installations were successful. I'm currently trying to work out why they started failing.
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    I tried the firmware you linked to, Rtalian, but it doesn't seem to have fixed it. (I let it reboot a few times, too). On the other hand, I haven't been able to try a zero-out reset successfully since yesterday... are there any tricks to making it work? The bootloader screen always comes up on me.

    I'm going to try another ROW ROM to see if that will work.
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    Woohoo!!!! It worked!!!! Thanks Rtalian!!!! -- I finally got a zero-out reset to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eightball
    Woohoo!!!! It worked!!!! Thanks Rtalian!!!! -- I finally got a zero-out reset to work.
    SWEET Sure thing!! btw, I had that same problem w/ the zero-out, too. I can't remember which, now, but it required either a regular reset or a hard reset in between for the zero-out to work again.
    ooooh, look at the shiny Copper Treo 680
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    I just wanted to say thanks...this thread saved my Treo! It was totally bricked and I thought I tried everything, and now it is restored to working order
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    It's an amazing feeling when it comes back, isn't it?
    ooooh, look at the shiny Copper Treo 680
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    Quote Originally Posted by lovecostarica

    Yes, never update a Cingular GSM phone with ROW, unless it has been unnocked first (1.23) or other method.

    then if you wish, 1.23 (generic ROM which does no check for teh ROM version of the phone before flashing) to unlock your phone before flashing with any ROW ROMs....

    then you should be ok and have an unlocked ROW, GSM phone.
    I am sure Maria knows the dif. between Unlocked & Unbranded.
    I just grind my teeth when I hear ones interchange these terms.
    Running Firm Updates, no matter what ver. Does Not "Unlock" a Phone.
    When we Run over our "Branded" phones (carrier specific apps, and Overlays) w/ ROW, APR, or ENA. we are only "Unbranding."
    "Unlocking" on the other hand, allows one to use other GSM Carriers Sim Cards. A phone can be Unlocked and still run w/ Cing branding.
    In addition, a phone can be "Locked" and yet be "Unbranded"
    I'm sure most understand this already, it's just that I still hear ones saying they "Unlocked" their phone w/ 1.23 or by Running some other than Carrier Specific Updater.
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