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    I received my Seidio BT GPS and 2200s Cradle.

    Simply put... the RBT-2010 is incredible. I put it on the charger and sat it on a table near a window. My intention was to simply establish the partnership and wait to see how fast it connects today.

    I established the partnership and started the Delorme Road Atlas program on my Treo. I choose to connect the GPS and nothing happened. I then realized that I needed to change the setting to Bluetooth connection and did.

    After I hit "ok", the program returned to the map and to my surprise I already had a GPS fix. A GPS fix on an overcast night with the GPS unit indoors.

    This morning when I got into the car, the sattelite acquisition was just as fast. I like the lights on the GPS unit. It's an easy way to determine what the GPS unit is doing. The bottom of the unit has tacky tabs that help keep it in place but take a turn too fast and it will go sliding across your dash. I don't know if a rubber surface on the bottom of the unit would keep it more securely in place. It's so light I don't know if anything short of double-sided tape would do the trick.

    The GPS unit works fine with Delorme's Street Atlas. I had been using Delorme's Blue Logger and the Seidio is tremendously faster and more accurate. The GPS indicator runs along side the street lines where the other GPS reciever had the indicator running a good .5 inch away from the street lines.

    The cradle is nice. It has a tight, secure fit. I would like Seidio to offer a stripped down model at a lower cost that simply acts as a cradle without all the connectivity ports. I may use the charging ability of this cradle but beyond that, it's a convienant, secure cradle.

    I didn't go with the TomTom software. I need the ability to access maps on my laptop and Delorme gives me that ability. Not to say TomTom isn't a good program, but rather it simply doesn't meet my needs.

    All-in-all, no regrets on the purchase and would recommend it for those wanting a BT GPS reciever.
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    Thanks for the positive comments. We've been getting a LOT of good feedback on the RBT.

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    It's a very impressive unit.

    The only areas of improvement that I would suggest is to leave the antenna and power ports exposed (the little rubber cover can be stubborn) and put a non-skid surface on the bottom.

    Also, there was not a notation on the security code to establish the partnership between the Treo and the GPS unit. I guessed and guessed right. Don't know if this is an oversight in the printing of the instructions.

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