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    Hi, I am having trouble getting my charter email to work with my Versa Mail on my sprint Treo 650. My original thread is located here:

    Original Thread

    Can someone help me set up my Versa Mail for Charter email on my Sprint Treo 650? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have literally spent hours and hours on the phone (mostly on hold) with tech support since I bought the Treo on Saturday.

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    Hey Rabalasz,

    thanks for the link to the previous post describing my versa mail problems with sprint. The tech support guy actually did call me back today, and when I told him what I thought was the problem (outgoing server is smtp.charter and not smtp.sprintpcs) we got it fixed. I set it up so my email password is the same as my account password. It definitely works now! Thanks for your help. The next step will be getting my work email to work on it, but we'll take it one day at a time!


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