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    I want to be able to set the length of the snooze when the alarm goes off. Much like when an Agendus meeting reminder goes off, you can tell it to snooze for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc... But I want this feature for daily reminders. Any such app out there?
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    You can set daily alarms and length of snooze with Treo Alarm.
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    mobileCLOCK (formerly Bob's Alarm)

    - customizable snooze time
    - customizable alarm length/interval
    - unlimited number of alarms
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    Ck out MegaClock.
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    Yeah I agree with hoovs. Mobileclock is the one to get. It's also very stabile and you can customize the screens. Also has timer and stopwatch. You can also set multiple alarms for various time zones.

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    Treo Alarm and MegeClock both only allow you to set the snooze to a pre-determined snooze period - say 5 minutes. When the alarm goes off, I may need it to snooze for 30 minutes. So I would have to hit snooze every 5 minutes when the alarm went off each time. I want a drop down that appears when the alarm goes off that lets me determine the length of that specific snooze. Agendus does this for appointments and such. It looks like MobileClock allows you to hit the snooze button repeadedly until the total amount of snooze you want is showing on the screen. This is fine I guess. I would rather have a drop down, but I guess I shouldn't be so picky. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Ah, I see. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's not going to be an option with mobileCLOCK. The nice thing is that you can snooze with a tap anywhere on the screen. But you won't get a dropdown. I've used TreoAlarm too and I don't think it has this option either.

    p.s. Invalid chunk? Sounds messy.
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    In mobileClock, you can set a different snooze length for each alarm. But you're right. You need to do that when you create the alarm, it's not available when the alarm goes off.
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