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    I would *really* like to disable wireless sync. I feel like a moron because I am in the computer biz and cannot seem to find where or how to do this. It is always trying to sync when I check mail, send a message, etc. This is a great forum, and much thanks to the user who posted the script and virtual modem setup so I could get rid of my $50/month data plan! I mostly use the phone for texting and checking email, and that suits my bill just fine. Now if someone could point me to disabling or preferably uninstalling wireless sync I would be in heaven. I have Verizon service and a Treo 650. Thanks for any help / advice. This will not affect my hot sync I assume?

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    By wireless sync do you mean the email portion or is your phone trying to hotsync OTA?

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    Every time I check mailor do anything online the phone gives me this message:

    Wireless Sync is unable to synchronize unattended due to not having credentials. Click "Go To" and then synchronize.

    I want this feature turned tries to do this every time I connect. Thanks.
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    This is not a 'normal' function. Mine has never done this, do you have any apps instaled which would need to sync? Something like an imap emailer, mnotes, bizcon etc.... ? I have never seen this on my unit and I have like 1.7 bazillion apps on my phone.

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    I'm having the same issue with my phone. I just had it replaced due to a hardware issue and after I did the initial Hotsync it started doing this. Any resolution?
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    Sounds like on your hotsync something was installed. Can you list whats on your phone?

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    The only thing on my phone is the standard apps that came with the phone. I think I found a way to disable it though.
    In the Wireless Sync app I set the Connection Setting to Hotsync instead of Network and I have done two syncs and have not got the message again.
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    I spoke too soon. I just got the message without doing a Hotsync.
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    Do you have any emails setup in versamail? It might be trying to sync your versamail accounts but is missing info...


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