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    Good's website says:

    • Rich attachment viewing and editing (including Word, Excel, PDF, and PowerPointŪ)
    • Receive faxes in TIFF format

    How does Good accomplish this on the 650? My phone has DocsToGo v7 pushed from the Good server (which doesn't view PDFs) and it has a trial version of AcidImagePro for TIFFs (which expired in 15 days). Can someone help me understand where the disconnect is or what I'm doing wrong? To me, based on what the website says, I should be able to do these things with Goodlink, right?

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    Docs2Go version 8 supports PDF, and it is currently in our QA group to include in future releases (replace v7). Acid Image Pro is the application we recommend for TIFF support. We include the 15 day trial.
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    Ok, so how do I accomplish viewing PDFs in the meantime? Is the website wrong or is it referring to a different platform?
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    It is referring to PPC platform, which can view PDFs natively. If you search here on TC for PDF viewers, there are some options out there.

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