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    I have a Cingular Partner account and I use a Mot. T720 phone. If I purchase a refurbished Treo 650 from Cingular can I just put my T720 SIM in the Treo and fire it up or do I have to go to Cingular and change my account also?

    Les H.
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    You can just change the sim and everything will be fine. No need to go into the store or call customer service.
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    Will you be using email or web access? If so, you'll want to add a data plan--pay per use charges are huge. For making calls, though, all you need is the SIM in the phone.
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    I'd suggest going on the Cingular web site and reading this

    then access the "My Features" page of your account and add the plan of your choice.

    Then just switch the SIMS and you'll ahve all you need

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