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    What's the deal with the $3.00 download protection thing on Handago, it says if I want to download again ( lose phone or change phones) I will need this protection plan to download already bought apps. Is this new?

    Download Protection

    What is it?

    Download Protection is a service offered by Handango that protects you from a broad range of circumstances which may cause the loss of the software application files you've purchased. This service, which costs $3.00, allows you to redownload your files for up to three years from the time of purchase of the application.

    Why do I need it?
    You might need to redownload your application files for a number of reasons including the following:
    1) You get a new mobile device and want to re-add software titles you've purchased in the past
    2) Your mobile device needs to be reset...resulting in the loss of your application files
    3) You get a new PC and need an extra copy of your application files for redownload
    4) The PC on which you back-up your application file crashes
    5) You lose your reference number and or order number and need to redownload your application files.

    How does it work?
    This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all-year long. Redownloading is easy!
    1) Simply visit the Previous Orders page
    2) Log in to your account using your order reference ID and billing email address
    3) View records of previous purchases for all products with Download Protection Service
    4) Click Download next to any product with Download Protection Service to redownload the applications files
    5) The file will be delivered to your PC or over-the-air to your device (depending on their original method of delivery)
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    That sucks. I would call it the "Nickel and diming you to death" business model (also knows as the "Buy from Treostore instead" model).

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