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    Is there a way to sync my Treo 650 OTA to some 'web repository/website' so that I can then view my calendar and todo's on a website using my browser?
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    Hmm ... I don't think so but more importantly, that's not a SeaRay is it? I don't think it is but it's close. I have a SeaRay 240 Sundeck. Looks like you have the cabin cruiser.

    Anyway, about your calendar, I used to sync my desktop Outlook with Yahoo using Intellisync, then I'd be able to view the calendar on my Treo via Yahoo Mobile. Mainly, I did it that way to view my wife's calendar. But you've got to be able to go from the client app to the web somehow. I don't know, maybe someone else might know. Sorry. Nice boat though.

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