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    Is there a way to see and manage all of the pending alerts/alarms across all applications?
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    Try the agenda view in the Calendar app?
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    I want to be able to see ALL pending alarms across ALL applications (many apps use alarms, etc.) - and also be able to modify them directly without having to hunt them down across apps (i.e. check every app where I may have set an alarm for the future).

    I gotta believe there is a palm db where all the pending alarms are kept....?
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    Look for alarms.prc here. Sysinternals on MTDN and Resco Explorer will also show you pending system alarms/events.

    Edit: I meant PalmInternals (not Sysinternals)
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    PalmInternals will show you all of the apps that have registered alarms, and when they are set to trigger. If running from a T650, it'll ask you if you want to scan DBs when it starts. If you say yes, it'll show you english names form each process that set an alarm, down side is that it may crash while scanning. If so, try it again and say no. Not an issue on the T600. Palm Internals is available in the MTDN download section, and probably plenty of other places.

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