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    Now after a year my Treo 650 looks like greek artefact. It was fallen down from time to time and the front and backcover are quite ugly now.

    I am considering to replace both covers, unfortunately i cannot find a frontcover somewhere in the web.

    However, i finally found a page where i can order a phone dummy. Do anyone of you know if the dummies are based on the same case and if i can reuse the covers for my treo? Is there someone who has already deconstructed a Treo 650?
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    Wow, that was fast.
    Now i am still searching for new covers or the dummy for my GSM Treo.
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    Got one more thread . . . .

    check out Posts #9 & #10, you could probably private message him for details.

    Of course, doing this voids your warranty.

    Good Luck.

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