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    Ok so I've been searching threads, and learned a little about a patch that will let you use an SD WiFi card on the Treo 650. I am sort of a newbie with WiFi, so can someone tell me exacltly how I would do this? And am I correct in thinking that doing this would allow me to use the web on my Treo, without having a data plan through my carrier? Would I be able to check email where ever a WiFi signal is present without Cingular charging for it? Also, is there any specific SD WiFi card that I would need to buy, or all they all the same? Thanks

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    I don't think that anyone has actually had a working Wi-Fi patch for the 650, though many have spent tons of time trying to make it work.
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    check i thought he had the hack if it ever worked out. good luck
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    It didn't work out. The Enfora WiFi Sled is the only solution that "works", and I use that term with reservation.

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